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Raising Chickens… The Right Way

They are cute, efficent and perfect pets. If you want a pet that can save you money? Try owning chickens. You use them for eggs, keep them as pet or for meat. Here's...

Top 10 Pet Websites Every Pet Owner Should Know About

Looking for the best information on caring for your new pet? Well here are 10 sites you should know about.

Best Cats for People With Anxiety

Get anxiety? If you do, consider one of these breeds to calm you, make you laugh, but most of all, love you!

Your Dog Hates Your Hugs And Other Strange Facts

Think you’re showing your dog some love when you hug him? Wrong. He actually takes it as a sign of hate. Now that’s no way to treat man’s best friend, is it? So...

Everything You Need to Know About Retrievers

They are sweet, big and smart. What is there not to love about Retrievers? Here is some more info on this breed!

Bad Bad Kitty! Funniest Cat Shaming Photos of 2015

What did we do to our cats back in the 80s and 90s when they got into a little trouble? For that matter, what did we do 10 years ago? Cat punishment has taken on an all...

Pets and Poison- National Poison Prevention Month

We all love our animals and want them to be safe, but the littiest things that we take for granted can at times cause them harm. Here's what you can do to prevent your...

For The Love of Yorkies!

They are cute,sweet and full of energy. What isn't there to love about Yorkshire Terriers? If you want to learn more about them, check this out!

Most Beloved Pets On TV

They are loyal, sweet and at times get into more trouble than actual children. These beloved pets are who we grew up on, cried with and laughed with. Here are the most...

The Birds are the Word! Take a Look at These Popular Birds!

If you're looking for a low maintenance pet without a huge hassle, try getting a bird. Take a look at some of these!