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Real Pics Of ‘Take Your Dog To Work’ Day

Sure, we could post a bunch of staged photos of cute pets acting out a phony “Take Your Dog To Work” day photo session. But we prefer the raw data. Here are a bunch...

How To Spot Fake Service Pets

People who treat their pets better than humans and animals out of control in public have been the most annoying downside to pet ownership.

Chill Out With These Chill Dog Breeds

Finding the right dog for you is just like dating. You meet lots of suitors, and while they look the part, act the part, talk and even dress the part – there’s...

8 Guilty Pets Caught in the Act

Pets do some really weird things. Have your pets ever done anything funny or strange? I bet they can't compete with these strange pets.

These 20 Cat Shaming Pics Will Have You Rolling in Laughter

Dog shaming is taking the internet by storm, but cats are joining the ranks and getting in on the action too. Here are some of the funniest cats in trouble that you'll...

20 Best Examples of Dog Shaming on the Internet

Dog shaming has taken the world by storm and people all over the world are shaming their dogs and the results are hiliarious!

For The Love Of A Collie

They are lovable, gentle and smart. Oh, and this breed has one of the most famous dogs in its family. Who doesn't love a Collie? Here's more about them!

Cats vs. Bees. See Who Wins

Everyone knows cats can fight. Once they start hissing – watch out. They’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee better than Muhammad Ali. But sometimes, cats...

Top Freshwater Bullies

They are beautiful, lively but at times, they can be the worst bullies in the tank. Check out some of these fish bullies and see if you agree.

Who Doesn’t Love a Turtle?

What's pleasant, easy to care for and lives a long life? Turtles! Some need more care than others. Here's a list of some of the best to own.