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How To Spot Fake Service Pets

People who treat their pets better than humans and animals out of control in public have been the most annoying downside to pet ownership.

Best Guard Dogs That Are Gentle With Kids

Want to know what some of Best Guards are? Need one that's gentle, devoted but loves kids? Then take a look at these choices.

Pet Sitting 101— Get the Facts!

Going on vacation? How about a day or two? Leaving your Pet behind is hard. Get the facts on finding the perfect sitter for you and your pet.

When in Doubt, Get a Rescue!

Looking to get a new dog or cat? Well use some of these great tips courtesy of petfinder and you won't go wrong!

10 Of The Healthiest Dog Foods!

We all want the best for our pets. So why not make it the healthiest food we can get for them. Here are some great healthy and organic foods for your dog!

Must Have Apps for Pet Owners

Need a locator for when fido gets out or help with fluffy's meds? Try downloading an app to help you keep track of your pet. Here's some of the best ones!

If You Can’t Have a Real Pet, Then Why Not Try a Virtual Pet?

Sometimes due to logistics, life and circumstances it's not the best time to get a pet. So while you wait, practice with a virtual pet. Adopt them, name them, raise...

Pets for Adoption – Benefits, Facts and Tips

If you make the positive decision to adopt a pet rather than buying one then there a few things you should be aware of in advance. First off, it's really useful to learn...

Science Has Proven That Dogs Are Better Than Cats

I know what you’re thinking… is there even a need to write such an article; One that proves dogs are better than cats? I mean, the answer’s obvious - everyone...

The Best Pets In The World: According To Guinness

Ask any pet owner who has the best cat, dog, budgie bird, whatever – and they’ll no doubt say their own. They post pics of their furry family members to Facebook as...