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Absolutely Hilarious Kitten Memes

They are cute, funny and full of personality. What do you think kittens are thinking? Check out this funny list and see if you agree!

Want a Hamster? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hamsters make adorable pets. In the wild, these nocturnal creatures remain underground during the day to avoid caught. If you decide on a hamster, this is what you need...

Best Lizards to Own

Looking for a lizard? Well look no further! Here are some of the best lizards to own as a beginner !

8 Guilty Pets Caught in the Act

Pets do some really weird things. Have your pets ever done anything funny or strange? I bet they can't compete with these strange pets.

10 of the Best Non-Fish Aquarium Pets

Aquariums are not just for fish anymore. You put everything from sharks to Octopus in your aquarium. Here's a list of best Non-fish aquariums pets to have in your home.

10 Of The Healthiest Dog Foods!

We all want the best for our pets. So why not make it the healthiest food we can get for them. Here are some great healthy and organic foods for your dog!

How to Train Your Pup to Be a Show Dog

Think your new puppy has what it takes to be a show dog? Before you enter your puppy in a show, here's what you need to know about becoming a show dog.

Hedgehogs, Hedgehogs! What You Need to Know if You Decide to Own One

Hedgehogs are one of the most exotic, yet one of the most popular pets to own. Before you purchase one. Here's what you need to known.

You Do the Crime, You Do the Time — Funny Cat Shaming Pics

Need a laugh? Then check out some of the BEST cat shaming photos and see if you agree with the photos!

Must Have Apps for Pet Owners

Need a locator for when fido gets out or help with fluffy's meds? Try downloading an app to help you keep track of your pet. Here's some of the best ones!