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Ever wonder what it's like to own a ferret? Or have friends that own one. Well here are some great things to know when considering getting your new friend.

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Most Bizarre Pets To Own

What do a Wallaby, a goat and a donkey have in common? They can be pets (if you are properly zoned). Let's look at some of the most unusual pets to own shall we?

Top Freshwater Bullies

They are beautiful, lively but at times, they can be the worst bullies in the tank. Check out some of these fish bullies and see if you agree.

Head Over Heels About Horses

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Best Fish for Beginners

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Monkeying Around

They are cute, playful, smart and curious. Did I say cute? Owning a pet monkey can be fun, but time intensive. Here is what you need to know.

For the Love of Guinea Pigs

Believe it or not, guinea pigs are not derived from pigs nor are they from Guinea. They oriented in the Andes and are popular domesticated creatures. If you want to own...

Interesting and Unusual Fish to Own

Looking for more variety in your tank. Try out these very interesting and unusual fish to own.

So, You’re Really Buying a Pot Bellied Pig? Things You Need to Know

What is with owning a potbellied pig? George Clooney had one. Lots of others do also. Here's what you need to know!