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What To Look for In a Dog Groomer

Your dog's coat is getting long and out of hand. It's toenails need to be clipped also. It's time for the Groomer. Here's what to look for.

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What Do Dog Trainers Do?

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Real Pics Of ‘Take Your Dog To Work’ Day

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Fun Facts About Maine Coons!

Maine Coons are large, beautiful cats. They are one of the most popular breed of cats around and here are some fun facts about this majestic kitty!

How To Spot Fake Service Pets

People who treat their pets better than humans and animals out of control in public have been the most annoying downside to pet ownership.

Chill Out With These Chill Dog Breeds

Finding the right dog for you is just like dating. You meet lots of suitors, and while they look the part, act the part, talk and even dress the part – there’s...

When in Doubt, Get a Rescue!

Looking to get a new dog or cat? Well use some of these great tips courtesy of petfinder and you won't go wrong!